Unusual times often require us to adapt and try out new solutions and formats. Our 20 th annual auction has been in the works for several years now. As always, plants from our own collection will be supplemented by the generous donations made by so many Auction supporters from all across the country. Many roses are not available anywhere else in the country. As usual, we will list the plants on this website just as quickly as possible.

This year we will limit our offerings to one-gallon size plants to facilitate shipping around the country. Because of CoVid, our auction will be presented on the Garden America Radio Show on Facebook Live. You can log on Facebook at 8am PST or 11am EST on Nov 7 to see the discussion of roses offered in this year's auction. We will also be joined by some noted rosarians from around the country that will monitor comments on Facebook and try to answer any of your questions. While we have had to limit the varieties, there are many really rare plants and some will be available nowhere else in the US!

Bidding will begin on Nov. 1 and each rose in the list will show the current bid. You must bid in at least $1 increments to surpass the current bid. Online bidding will end Sunday November 15 at noon. Winners will be notified the following week and payment can be made by check or credit card. Plants can be shipped in November or held until Spring for those in colder areas. Local winners can also arrange to pick up plants in Fallbrook, CA.

The procedures for online bidding is as following:

Host Your Own Auction

If you would like to host your own auction, CCRS has created a document explaining how to do so. This document is available here .

Help Us

If you think you have one or more rare and/or unusual roses and would like to donate cuttings for future auctions, please click here .


To view a video of the 2009 auction, click here .